On October 23, local time, Ankara, Turkey, Turkish President Erdogan delivered a speech in Parliament. In his speech, Erdogan disclosed all the details of Kaschi’s murder. Oriental IC map
On October 23, the second "Future Investment Initiative" conference, which was highly anticipated by Saudi Arabia, opened in its capital, Riyadh. On the same day, Turkish President Erdogan chose to publicly deliver a parliamentary speech in Ankara to showcase Turkey’s correspondent to Saudi Arabia. The findings of the disappearance case.
In the speech, Erdogan said that the Turkish security agency had evidence that the murder was an early premeditated event. However, Erdogan did not mention anything chaussures femme geox about the video and audio evidence widely expected from the outside world. He also denied the news that the ruling party of the Turkish opposition party, the patriotic party of Turkey, had found the wreckage of  Kashuji in the woods of Istanbul.
Even so, Erdogan was forced to pressure the Saudi government with a powerful five-in-one question.
“Why is this 15-person squad dispatched to Turkey? Who ordered it? Why did the consulate not open to investigators immediately after the incident? Why did Saudi Arabia give so many different statements? Who is dealing with Kasji’s body? Local collaborators? Saudi Arabia must answer all these questions!” Erdogan’s language sparked a warm cheer from the Turkish congressmen present.
For the Saudi royal family, Erdogan was dissatisfied with the accusation that Saudi agents had to be responsible for the killing of Kashoji, but the tone eased a lot.
"I don't doubt the sincerity of King Salman. But I still have to say that (in this case) an independent investigation should be conducted. This is a political murder." Erdogan did not directly mention the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad. Ben Salman, who was questioned by the outside world as the leader of the "murder of Kashuai incident."
"Before the Turkish media has repeatedly broke the news, it has caused all-round pressure on Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia’s previous response has changed again. On this basis, Erdogan’s speech is very restrained. It can be seen that the Turkish government is passing the media. While exerting a lot of pressure on Saudi Arabia, there is still considerable room for it.” Wu Bingbing, director of the Institute of Arab-Islamic Culture at Peking University, told the news (www.thepaper.cn).
"The Turkish President still has room for questions about the relationship between the incident and the Saudi royal family. Whether Turkey will announce more details in the future may depend on US lobbying and communication with Saudi Arabia." Researcher of Chahar Institute, Northwestern University Wang Jin, a special researcher at the Syrian Research Center, shares the same view.
The results of the investigation by the head of a country’s personal report were not common in international politics, and Erdogan’s move succeeded in raising the political weight of Turkey. Agence France-Presse reported that since Turkey and Saudi Arabia both want to compete for the dominance of the Islamic world, and Turkey relies on Saudi Arabia to get rid of the economic difficulties, Turkey must carefully take the steel wire in the diplomatic storm caused by the Kashuji case.
The Western media, such as the Guardian, was slightly disappointed with Erdogan’s speech because it did not release any new information in the speech that was not yet known to the outside world. However, the parliamentary speech, which was broadcast live by mainstream chaussure geox media such as CNN and Al Jazeera, and the mainstream media in the Middle East, dwarfed the second “Future Investment Initiative” conference held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the same day. .
The "Future Investment Initiative" conference is an international multilateral conference promoted by Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman. It invites high-level political and business executives and corporate celebrities from all over the world to present the reforms and promote the economic transformation of Saudi Arabia. At the first conference last year, Crown Prince Salman appeared at the opening ceremony and presented the robot "Sofia" to the international guests present, and issued a Saudi citizenship certificate on the spot.
On the opening ceremony of the second "Future Investment Initiative" held on the 23rd, although Saudi Arabia announced a $50 billion investment plan, several international mainstream media and Western heavyweights have announced high-profile in the past few weeks. Withdrawal from the meeting has already cast a shadow on the conference.
What is really striking is that as the main promoter of this conference and the actual leader of economic reform, Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman has not appeared in the opening ceremony of this international conference that focuses on showing his achievements. It is quite rare. . At one time, it caused concern.
Wu Bingbing believes that the absence of the Crown Prince is mainly that there is no need to embarrass himself. At the same time, he does not want to be the focus of public opinion. Therefore, it is not necessary to speculate that Saudi Arabia may change the Crown Prince.
"It is not easy to change the king's reserve. Not only is there a lot of processes, but the investment in the early stage is also very large." Wu Bingbing analyzed, "Before the current Crown Prince came to power, Saudi Arabia's administrative agencies and the military made great adjustments for him to go on stage. After changing the Crown Prince, these adjustments sandales geox were lost in the early stage, and how the new structure is docked is also a problem."
"The Crown Prince is very aware that his own image has been destroyed by the killing of journalists. It is more like a negative asset for the 'Future Investment Initiative'." Wang Cheng, a special researcher at the Gulf Arab Studies Center of Beijing Foreign Studies University, said that this should be Saudi Arabia. The interior of the royal family reached a consensus that the Crown Prince would not be allowed to appear in order to avoid extra-budgeting and affect the Saudi reform process.
However, according to AFP’s latest report on the 23rd, the Saudi king and the Crown Prince met with Kaschi’s son Salah and his brother Sahel at the Royal Palace in Riyadh. This seems to provide a reason for the Crown Prince's absence from the day.
In addition, according to Saudi Arabian National Television reported on the 23rd, the Saudi Crown Prince met with visiting US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in Riyadh on the same day. In the Kashji case, Mnuchin announced last Thursday that he would not attend the Saudi meeting, but he still arrived in Riyadh on the 22nd to attend the counter-terrorism financing conference held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this week.